Dance Your Blues Away!

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Blues Cadillac is a Blues-Rock Dance Band with a bit of Jazz influence. Their positive musical energy and infectious beat are always crowd pleasers. “Powerful and straight ahead, great vocals and musicianship.” In a few words that’s Blues Cadillac. No fancy words or long explanations needed.

It may have been some time since you’ve experienced a band with the force and conviction of Blues Cadillac. Their sound – their feeling – draws on the fire and intensity of 1950’s and ’60’s recordings and performances, one of the most interesting and exciting periods in American music. Blues Cadillac celebrates the Spirit of that tradition in their live shows. The band’s reinterpretation of this classic sound is charged with originality, not copied note for note.Their playlist offers homegrown tunes, including Modern Gospel songs, which pay respect to the power and presence of this period.

Just as Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, and other greats captured the passion and energy of their time, so Blues Cadillac adapts and reanimates the sound and Spirit of those masters. Check it out. “Come for a cruise in the Blues Cadillac.ting

s from Alaska


Blues Cadillac at Redwood City Blues Festival 2011
(Courtesy of Bobbi Goodman)



  Greetings from Alaska      
Band on the Road - Vacaville Retirement Party


Big Band with Horn Section

Barbeque and Blues Party With Armadillo Willy's

Livermore Harvest Wine Celebration

Rotary Art Show in the Park

Original promo shot:  Jerry Cash, Steve Welch, Med Daugherty,
Alan "Eye Bone" Eglington, Robin Hood 
P.O. Box 219, Los Altos, CA 94023