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To Blues Cadillac,

On behalf of our committee, I wish to extend my sincere thanks for the wonderful music you provided at the fundraiser on Saturday night. I have heard nothing but praise about the party. The fact that guests danced well past the ending time was a tribute to the rockin' music you performed. Thank you so much for being flexible with your time on stage. We will think of you again next year. Thanks again.


Hi Sherry,

We had a great time on Saturday night also. This was our second time playing for your fundraiser and we look forward to future events. It was our pleasure to be a part of your successful evening. Thanks for your hospitality.

Steve and Becky
Blues Cadillac



To The Bell Brothers email List,

We had a great time playing at the FireHouse Grill and Brewery in Sunnyvale on February 24th. It was a nice change to just hang out with our friends and listen to Blues Cadillac rock the house.

Russ and Scott

Hi Russ and Scott,

It was really fun to do a show with you guys again. Your band is getting so tight! Hope your gigs in Texas this weekend went well.


Blues Cadillac



Hello Blues Cadillac,

Erica and I really enjoyed your show. It was impressive and the music was excellent. The musicians were tight as a razor and smooth as a warm brandy. Delicious to the ears and soul. The band members were nice to the audience too, making eye contact and gestures to draw the audience into the party spirit.

We are anxiously looking forward to the next time the band plays. We will see you soon.


Charlie and Erica

Hi Charlie and Erica,

It was great to meet you guys last Friday night at the California Roadhouse. It was fun watching you dance. I'm glad you had such a nice time and we look forward to seeing you again too. We'll be playing this coming Friday at the Pioneer Saloon in Woodside. Hope you can make it. You can check out our "Schedule" on the website to see where else we're playing. Come party with us whenever you can!

Blues Cadillac



Dear Blues Cadillac,

After experiencing you for over three years in Los Altos and for the last 7 months in Mountain View, all I can say is you're the best! Rock-On! You have some of the best dancing music and Chicago Blues!!!! I always enjoy the night with you guys! All my Swedish girlfriends (and you know who they are!) absolutely LOVE you guys. Everyone should come and enjoy you. I have for years!


To Jeff and his Swedish girlfriends,

You have been such great support for almost 4 years!! You are the best "groupies" any one could have! No matter where the band plays, you always get everyone up and dancing and keep us all motivated to "Rock-On". Thank you so much.

Blues Cadillac



To Bay Area Blues Club,

We did Lou's yesterday and had a fantastic day!! (Chris Cobb Band with Dolly Rappaport) Leah Tysse dropped by between gigs and blew the roof off. My 15 year old son Jesse played a whole set with us on guitar and stole the show from the old man. Steve Welch from "Blues Cadillac" tore it up, singing and playing standard and slide guitar.



Appreciate the nice comments. It was a kick playing with all of you at Lou's.

Blues Cadillac



To Blues Cadillac,

We went late at practice last Friday night, but I talked to Bob Hammond and Chris Cobb last night and they said it was great. Carolyn McNabb is a fine keyboardist. You keep putting these great bands together. Simply amazing!



Your good words and support are much appreciated. Thanks.

Blues Cadillac



To Bay Area Blues Club,

A fine night of blues in Mountain View. It was quite a night
with Chris Cobb and Steve Welch on guitar, Endré Tarczy on
bass, Bobby Hammond on drums, and Carolyn McNabb on
keyboards. Jonny Domino was in the house and added
some tasty blues. Always a good evening when Blues
Cadillac is on the Friday menu at the Roadhouse.


Hi Bart,

Thanks for your support. Thanks for stopping by to do a couple songs with us.

Blues Cadillac



Hi Blues Cadillac,

I watched your show at downtown Castro Street last night. It was awesome. What great music you have. Thanks a lot and good luck.


Hi Dawn,

Thanks for stopping in to see us at the California Roadhouse. We're always happy to hear such good words about our show. Come up and say "Hello" next time you come to see us play.

Blues Cadillac



Dear Blues Cadillac,

Last night's gig at the California Roadhouse was fantastic. One of the songs reminded me of a song by the Butterfield Blues Band. I was chatting with Med and Ray and couldn't think of the name of the particular song. It's like "East-West" off the East-West album.

See you next time,


Hi Paula,

Thanks for the nice message. Your kind words are really appreciated. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

Blues Cadillac



To Blues Cadillac,

Thank you for the schedule. My birthday is in May and it would be a real treat to watch you perform on my 29th birthday for the 8th year in a row. I really enjoyed watching Blues Cadillac play and hope to see you perform again real soon.



New Fan Tabatha

Hi Tabatha,

We're really glad you enjoyed our music so much! Let us know when you're coming down on a Friday night close to your birthday so we can help you celebrate!

Blues Cadillac

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