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As Blues Cadillac travels up and down the musical interstate, other players ride along to help us navigate various stretches of the Blues Highway . . .

Chris Cobb, guitar and vocals

Jerry Cash played guitar
with us for 8 years

Chris with a mild case of blues face


Tony Baker, guitar

Gary Rosen, bass and vocals

Gary Rosen on bass and Laura Chavez on guitar
Laura Chavez, guitar

John Boutell, guitar and vocals

Med Daugherty played drums with us for 6 years


Carolyn McNabb and Steve

Frank DeRose, bass

Carolyn McNabb, keyboards


Tony Modica, our P.A. Guy for 3 years

Frank, Laura, and Alan

Carolyn and Chris
George Lacson plays bass with us since early days of the band

Bob Hammond, drums

Artis "A.J." Joyce, bass
Terry Hiatt, guitar and vocals

Endré "E.T." Tarczy, bass

Dennis Dove, drums, bass, and vocals
Charles Lyons played bass with us our sophomore year

Jack Marshall, bass
Rusty Sterling, bass
Robin Hood (1950-2007) played with us the first year, we miss you, R.I.P.
Chip Chiappari (1951-2009)
played 3 years with us, we miss you, R.I.P.
Ray DiFazio played bari sax with us for 4 years
Gary Rosen, George Lacson, and Lara Price at Beausejour
     Steve with Chris Cobb Band at Lou's Pier 47, Dolly Rappaport on sax, Castro boys rhythm section
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