Walter Jebe, guitar and vocals with Alan

Isis & the Cold Truth Band at Beausejour with Steve

Danny "D" Denaro, harmonica and vocals

Greg Newlon & Bev Barnett, guitar and vocals

Bart Shea, "Chicago" Bill Kelly, and Barney Wilborg take the Cadillac for a spin

J.B. Davis, bass and vocals

Jonny Domino, guitar and vocals

Sneaky Pete, bass and vocals

Bryant Young, bass

Ruth & George Schoenstein at the California Roadhouse, Blues promoter extraordinaire

Carlos Velasco, drums & Dennis Carelli, harmonica and vocals

Isis & the Cold Truth Band at Beausejour

Isis & Andy at the California Roadhouse

Doug Mountford, drums

Diana & Billy Rogers with Mark Fenichel at Beausejour

John Alexander, bass

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As Blues Cadillac travels up and down the musical interstate, other players ride along to help us navigate various stretches of the Blues Highway . . .

Bryant Young and Alan at the California Roadhouse

Peter Minowitz, keyboards at the Santa Clara Mariott New Year's Eve Gala